About Me

I began my love for teaching when I was just 16 years old. My High School chemistry teacher would always ask me to study the chapters ahead of time and help teach the class to my peers. My chemistry teacher understood that sometimes peer to peer teaching can increase one’s understanding of subject matter. Since then, I've dedicated myself to learning various modes and styles of teaching. 

During my BA in Psychology at UC Davis, I interned as a teacher’s aide and counselor. Interning at a heavily migrant farmer school teaches you quickly about the struggles of immigration. The socio-economic impacts on the students impacted the student's education. Many students also acted as caretakers for younger siblings. I found joy in providing a safe place and food for these students. 


Continuing on to earn my MA in Education with a Multiple Subject credential from U.S.C. I focused heavily on n the concept of Gibb’s (1998) Reflective Cycle during my Master's program. The concept of constantly reflecting on and improving one’s practice of teaching has remained one of my core philosophies

Since earning my credential, I have taught in a variety of teaching modalities including Montessori, Waldorf, independent study and homeschool. I have proudly been teaching for GLC’s K-6th program since 2018 and it truly feels like I've found my home. I love coming to work and being around the amazing group of students who attend GLC.  



As a single mother of 3, I understand the difficulties that come with being positive, staying healthy, raising children, and working.


I went through many difficult years trying to figure out how to balance everything. There were times when we were homeless, without food, hospitalized, over weight, stressed, and anxiety ridden. You name it, I have probably experienced it! But what always kept me driving forward is my children. There was no way I would allow myself to quit because that meant I failed them. 


It is because of my downfalls and mistakes that I can write for my amazing readers. I have gone through all the hardships and conquered them! I have figured out through pain— how to live a Super life!


Now, I can proudly say I am in the best shape of my life, more positive, my kids are happier, and my house is financially taken care of. I truly hope that I can help others experience balance and harmony by creating Super successful habits!


Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.