Homeschool 101: 12 Tips to Begin Your Homeschool Journey (Free Download)

So you're ready to begin your Homeschool journey—but you're just not quite sure where to start. Over the next few weeks, we'll be diving in to successful homeschooling tips that can transform your home from comfort zone into a flexible (and functional) learning space to help your children thrive in this new environment.

Each week, we'll post a new Lesson Plan (free download below) to help you follow along with each step. We'll break down each tip in further detail via daily posts and videos— download/save the photo below so you can write your own notes down and don't forget any valuable information. :)

Questions? I'm here to help! Drop me a line at or say hello on social media 👋 @thesupermomtribe. I love to hear about your homeschooling adventures! 12 Tips to Begin Your Homeschool Journey (Free Download)

  1. Create Space: In order for all household members to get along, it's crucial to respect their own space and boundaries. We'll learn how to cultivate healthy space for balance and functionality.

  2. Gather Materials: We're used to thinking of what we need for in-school environments— but what do we need for at-home school environments?

  3. Stick to a Schedule: This is the most important! Creating a schedule and sticking to it practices discipline, time management and sets your child up for success.

  4. Set Learning Goals: Be realistic— what are you trying to accomplish? Keep that in mind every time you get ready to teach.

  5. Learn Outside of the Classroom: It's not just about what goes on inside the classroom—children also learn outdoors, too. How can you be creative and teach inside and outside the home?

  6. Teach Each Other: Ever heard that sometimes the best way to learn something is to try and teach someone yourself? We'll discuss tips on how to reverse your role and allow your children to have a spot in the teacher's seat.

  7. Form Your Own Pod (Tribe): My favorite tip! Moms, we deserve a break every now and then. We'll discuss benefits of trading roles and responsibilities with others in your circle (or family)— for your own health and sanity. ;)

  8. Ease Into Things: This is an entirely new routine, and it doesn't just happen overnight! Be patient with yourself, it takes time. Remind yourself that you're doing great!

  9. Actual Curriculum Instruction Time is Short: In this new environment, time management is so important. We'll talk about how to stay on track and set realistic timeframes and expectations for your lessons.

  10. Facilitate and Not Lecture: Learn to take some pressure off of yourself by exploring this alternative teaching style.

  11. Advocate for Your Child's Education: You have a right to fair and equitable education! Here are helpful resources and options.

  12. Limit Technology and Read Daily: Nothing beats a good ol' hardcover. Ditch the iPads and tech for a bit and reap the benefits.

Week 1 Lesson Plan:

Week 2 Lesson Plan:

Week 3 Lesson Plan:

Week 4 Lesson Plan:


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