The Importance of Parental Involvement

I had the great fortune of being in the education industry for 10 years. I worked as a teacher, intern, teacher’s aide, school counselor, tutor, daycare teacher and aftercare coordinator. These various roles gave me a lot of insight into the proper ways to educate a child. There are many things I learned being in these roles, but the most significant jewel I gained is: The Importance of Parental Involvement.

I could go on for days about how much of an impact this is. Even though there are many studies I could reference backing this, I have had first-hand experience seeing the power of this. My students who had parents who were actively involved in their life read more accurately, fluently and confidently, were more driven to achieve in school— even seemed more confident, well-rounded, and happier. Granted, this isn’t a blanket statement that can be seen definitively amongst all students across the nation. But, through 10 years of my experience in the education industry, these are the observations I have seen.

After reading that, you may be wondering, “Why is that?” My answer: No matter what kind of parent you are— strict, loving, dominant, permissive, or kind...

Your Child Wants YOUR 3 A’s: Acceptance, Approval, and Attention

Think about the social media hype of 'selfies' happening in today’s world. We have

become that way out of dire need for acceptance, approval, and attention.

Imagine your child who has been away from their greatest attachment, YOU, all day. They come home, they are tired, hungry, and their emotions are everywhere from the input of their world. All they want is your undivided attention. Children who receive that consistent Acceptance, Approval, and Attention feel happier, more reassured, and more willing to strive for success because they enjoy your positive feedback.

Now, imagine that same child who comes home to either no parents or a parent who is uninvolved, inattentive, or angry all the time. It doesn’t matter what this child does, good or bad— the parent remains, for the most part, the same. In fact, the parent doesn’t care much at all. Yeah, maybe he or she will be upset if you end up in jail or get brought home by the cops. Maybe that parent will be extra mad because you’re failing a class. But, it doesn’t matter to that child because they don’t feel Acceptance, Approval, or Attention. So, they stop trying as hard. They have no one to help with their homework, so they fail at school— the only thing that makes them happy is staying away from home to be with friends that live in the same situation.

You see... Like Attracts Like. When your kid hangs out with other kids who also yearn for those three A’s, they’re bound to make poor choices. But, when your child has strong Parental Involvement they are going to seek out other children with the same values. Remember: Your Involvement Makes a Difference in Your Child’s Success

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