Electrolysis VS Laser Hair Removal... or Both? 🤔

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Let me start by saying that I am a HUGE fan of hair removal! Seriously. I love the convenience of never or rarely having to shave. Admittedly, I had some #RealMomMoments when I would go to the beach with my kids, look down, and realize it had probably been a few weeks since I had shaved.

It was after a few of those incidents that I started to look into hair removal and it has changed me into a... (drumroll, please...) Super Mom!

If you’re anything like me, you probably want to do your research before you laser anything on your body! The nice thing is I have done most of the heavy research for you. But, of course feel free to research more— and as always, leave me a comment or message if you have more questions!

So before we jump on into it, here's a visual:

Electrolysis: Overview

Currently, Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved form of PERMANENT hair removal. But wait! Don’t run off yet to get electrolysis over laser hair removal. Electrolysis is great for small areas because the process is lengthy and potentially a little painful. This form of hair removal requires a fine needle or probe to be inserted into each individual hair follicle. Once inserted, an electric current hits the growth center of the follicle and kills it. After several treatments the hair will be permanently gone. You may ask, if it is permanent why do I need several treatments? Great question! Hair grows in phases. During your treatment, some hair may be in the growing phase thus visible; however, some hair may be in the resting phase making them not visible. Seeing as electrolysis can only hit one hair at a time, many can be missed in a session. It requires letting the hair grow out in between sessions to eventually get them all. 


  • Permanent

  • Electrolysis can be used with any skin type or hair color and in any area

  • No recovery time

  • No routine maintenance after treatments are completed

  • No harsh chemicals used


  • Can take up to 18 months or 15 - 30 sessions to achieve 100% hair removal

  • Can be costly if many sessions are needed or you want a large area done ($30 - $200/session)

  • Possible scarring or pitting if done by a less skilled professional

Number of treatments needed: 15 - 30 sessions

Cost: $30 - $200/ treatment

Final Thoughts: Electrolysis is the only form of permanent hair removal. It is great for small areas such as armpits, bikini line, upper lip, or eyebrows. However, it can require many sessions and a long commitment to achieve permanent results. This can make it costly and tiresome of the constant appointments. 

Laser Hair Removal: Overview

Laser hair removal uses a laser to zap off hair follicles. It works by damaging the hair follicles to reduce hair growth. It is NOT a form of permanent hair removal. However, it will remove about 80% of hair in the area or reduce it to appear like very fine hairs with enough treatments. Laser hair removal is very fast and can cover large areas. On average, a full body laser hair removal takes only 45 minutes to an hour with very little to no pain. A small area like the armpits or upper lip can take only 2 minutes! The other nice thing about laser hair removal is that the laser never touches the skin. This makes laser more sterile and less risk of any complications. 


  • The laser targets multiple hairs at once making sessions quick

  • The laser does not touch the skin

  • Only a few (3-8) sessions are needed to see long-term results


  • Not permanent - only reduces hair thickness and amount of hair

  • Maintenance sessions are needed to keep hair growth reduced

  • Some adverse reactions such as swelling, rashes, redness or blisters

  • No tanning in the sun or tanning solutions 2 weeks before or after each session

Number of treatments needed: 3 - 10 sessions

Cost: $10 - $80/ area

Final Thoughts: Laser hair removal is a fast solution to hair reduction. It is less painful than waxing and requires less maintenance than waxing. Laser hair removal reduces hair thickness and amount by over 80%; whereas waxing regrows the same hair. However, laser hair removal does not permanently remove hair like electrolysis. So, I view laser as an in between waxing and electrolysis in not only amount of hair removed but also in price, sessions needed and maintenance. 

I went to SEV Laser— check out what they offer at sevlaser.com

My Opinion To Achieve The Best Results

After getting laser and electrolysis myself, here are my #SuperMomTips to achieve the cheapest and best results for PERMANENT hair removal. 

  1. Start by looking for laser hair removal on Groupon. If you find some local deals, please make sure to thoroughly investigate each place before you make a decision. 

  2. If you want only one area done, then make your purchase. If you want multiple areas done and want to save more money, my suggestion would be to buy Groupons to different places. Groupon only lets you buy only 1 deal per place. Pro Tip: If you have Groupon select, you save 25% more which can be an extra $30-$50 off!  

  3. Complete the full series of laser hair sessions you need to achieve about 80% hair reduction

  4. Once you are done with your laser packages, go back to Groupon and see if you can find electrolysis deals

  5. Use electrolysis to complete the final stages of hair removal. This will require fewer sessions, time and money. 

Have you considered permanent hair removal? If you completed a treatment, what was your experience like? Comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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