Success in Failure

Faith is an important thing to have and it can be defined in many ways. Fidelity may be defined as one’s promises or sincerity of intentions. This plays very well into the idea of goal setting and habit building. I believe it is very important to be faithful to one’s promises, goals, habits, commitments and intentions. The reason being is if you...

Develop Healthy Habits, You Will Succeed

Even if you make mistakes or have an off day, your faithfulness to your habits and goals will get you back on track. If you have a goal to lose 5 pounds in a month and you develop the faithfulness to the gym and proper nutrition, you will succeed— even if you don’t lose the 5 lbs. Why? Because you stuck to your commitments and kept moving forward. Now you have to give yourself grace.

If you don’t lose 5lbs but you know you slayed it in the gym and ate healthy it could be because you gained muscle mass, are retaining water, or some other reason. Keep committed to your goals and don’t derail yourself over one thing. It is ok to fail and make mistakes. We all do. But the key is to...

Fail Forward

Failing forward is different than failing because you quit, gave up or stopped. Failing forward means that you are putting yourself out there and learning. You are learning all the ways that a particular goal cannot be achieved. Those lessons add value to you because you have to use your skills, talents and resources to think of new solutions. Maybe while failing forward, your mistakes give you new ideas or opportunities.

Seeking Success in Your Failures

Good can always come out of a tough situation. You just have to be willing to change yourmindset and outlook on life. It is about monitoring your thoughts and thinking positively.

For example, when I failed to get a winning shot in a water polo game, I would practice harder and get better so I could develop better muscle memory and create higher rates of success. My failures made me more successful in the long run.

Remember: Stay Committed to Your Goals, Even When You Make Mistakes!

Stay Strong,


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