Supermom is Born

I think as little girls we have this image in our head of what our lives would be like when we grow up. But I think, as most of us have experienced, it’s not the white picket fences and rays of sunshine that we had imagined.

Being an adult, particularly being a mother, is the hardest yet most rewarding period of time in my life. 

I'm often asked how "Supermom" came about. For me it wasn’t about ego, or making myself out to be something grandiose. Honestly, to me being Supermom means that I fought so many battles that have left intense scars— yet I have come out of it stronger every time. To me, that’s what a super mom is. A woman who has faced incredible odds yet withstood the gates of hell to rise up and become the image of a beautifully strong Phoenix.

I didn’t create Supermom for just myself. I created it for all of you amazing moms out there. I want you know that you don’t have to feel alone in your daily struggles.

In this blog I will briefly touch on some things that have built me to be the person who I am. I will take another blog to explain more in depth. 

In 2012, I got married at the age of 21. I became pregnant two weeks into our marriage and nine months later was having our first born son. I got married very quickly and I would say I didn’t know my husband as well as I should have. As the days and weeks and months grew on, our relationship became very abusive. There were times that he would lock me in the room, choke me, or take any form of money that I had so I didn’t have freedom. Two kids, a period of homelessness and a bunch of both legal and physical battles with him later— we finally ended up breaking free from my narcissistic, abusive husband. Now, I have full legal and physical custody of my three children.

Ever since then I have completely financially, emotionally, and physically provided for my children. 9 years later, past my decision to get married, I now live in sunny Carlsbad with an amazing job, my own place, a 7 seater car, and plenty of food on the table.

I think it’s pretty super to go from living in a car, to renting a couch, to now having our own place— just so we could have the freedom to be happy and be safe.

I believe we are all #supermoms because there’s some kind of battle that we’ve been through that’s gotten us to where we are today. However you mother and whatever daily choices you make, I know they are hard. But I also know that you’re a rockstar for raising your babies the best way you know how.

Share your story with our tribe— you never know who you might help.

Stay strong,


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