Take a Break!

Whether you have been training for a long time or just getting into training, this is important to know: there is such thing as over doing it. Although I talk about consistency, it is important to incorporate breaks. For a long time I was training 2 hours per day, 7 days a week. I wanted my goal so badly. But then I plateaued, I couldn’t lose weight, I got sick and extremely fatigued.

So, I thought it was time for me to take a break. I mean, why not? It felt really good to relax a little.

During this time, I discovered...

Balance is Key

When I decided it was time to go back to training, I planned for 2 days off in order to give my body a break. Also, I relaxed a bit on my diet. I still eat cleanly and I feel happier continuing that, but I allow for more variety and a treat here and there. I have met so many fit people who look great or are very talented in their sport, but they all tell me the same thing – "The Doctor says I shouldn’t work out so much".

Finding a Balance Between Relaxing and Working Out

Of course, it isn’t healthy to sit around and eat whatever you want. But, it also isn’t beneficial to work out every day and eat cleanly all the time. If you can get in at least 30 minutes or more of cardio a day and do weights 3-5x/week for about 45 minutes, you will have a healthy body and balance. You don’t have to think of cardio as running or being on the treadmill. Cardio can be chasing your kids in the park, walking on the beach, or kayaking.

Exercise Doesn’t Always Have to Be in The Gym

Taking a break also means taking a break from the same routine or environment. I like to change up where I work out and how I train. Sometimes I will run to the gym from my kid’s daycare (5-mile roundtrip) or I will take my kids to the park and get an outdoor workout in.

Be Creative and Involve the Kids

When you’re having fun and involving the family, you don’t notice you’re exercising. Think about when you go to an amusement park, do you realize how much you’re walking? It’s awesome! You get to go on rides, hang out with the kids and get your cardio in for the day. I call that a win! Remember...

Taking A Break From Your Routine Is Healthy... and Necessary!

Where do you go when you need a break from your routine?

Stay Strong,


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