Your Actions Influence Your Children

It has been an interesting development with my children. For months, I have been consistently working out and eating healthy. I have a gym and kid's club membership. On the weekends, I still go to the gym at 8am both days because I am dedicated to my goal and keeping consistent.

My oldest son asked me one day, “Mom, why do you go to the gym every day?” I told him, “Mommy wants to be strong and fast so she can play with you and throw you up in the air. Don’t you want Mommy to be able to do that more?” My son replied, “Yes Mommy! I want to be strong and fast, too.” I replied, “You have to make sure you eat healthy and workout every day! Can we make that happen together?” My son said, “Yes Mommy! I am going to eat all my good food and I’m going to do push-ups right now!” Okay, okay— it ended up being an unintended result, but you better believe I used it to my advantage!

Every time we eat together, I always tell my kids, “Eat all your food so you can be big and strong.” Then I show them my muscles and ask them to show me theirs. We go around the table and feel each other’s biceps. If they have been eating their dinner I say, “Wow! Your muscles got bigger with each bite! Keep going!” They LOVE when I do this and eat more. It’s so cool! (Sorry— Mom moment!) I never fully realized how much your actions influence your children.

All those months of hard work, dedication and consistency with the gym and changing my and the family’s eating habits changed my body and my kid’s mindset.

Since my oldest found out that eating healthy and working out makes you big and strong, he wants to do home workouts every day. Of course, because he wants to do it, my younger two want to do it as well. It became a domino effect.

We workout together at home, meal prep together, and talk about healthy food selections when we go to the store They are our new family habits!

Remember: Your Children Are Influenced by What You Consistently Do!

Stay Strong,


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