Is your 1st Grader ready to learn about Nouns? This Noun Notebook will cover the following Language Arts Curriculum: 


  • Using different types of nouns L.1.1b

  • Using various types of sentences L.1.1j

  • Spelling simple words using phonics and letters sounds L.1.2

  • Reading and spelling first grade words L.1.2d, R.F.1.3g

  • Using phonics to spell new words L.1.2e

  • Sorting words into categories L.1.5a

  • How words are used in real-life L.K.5c

  • Using new words I learn from talking, listening, speaking and reading L.1.6

  • Sharing informaition through drawing or details SL.1.5

1st Grade Language Arts: Common Nouns (Naming Words)

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  • File Format

    This is a .ZIP file that will include 2 .PDF documents (colored and black/white version), 1 .PDF activity cut-out page, as well as 1 colored "READ ME" .PNG with directions. 

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